December 10, 2012

A tad of plaid

F21 cropped top | F21 skirt | eBay shoes | F21 chain | Asos rings 

The thing with that cropped top was that it was actually a dress that had a gigantic hole on the side of it. So I was like, what the heck, the bottom half of this dress is damaged so I might as well just keep the top half! As weird as this sounds, I love cutting my clothes LOL My mom said I've been cutting up my wardrobe since I was little tot and it transgressed to this present day, my older teen years. 

I am on a gold-toned jewelry grind at the moment! I've never been much of an accessorizing kinda gal but slowly... my "like" for gold-toned jewelry will develop... and soon I will be obsessed... (^_^)y 

December 6, 2012

Black on black on black

 F21 necklace | Asos rings (not shown) | H&M sweater | F21 skirt | Express tights | JC Tardy Lo

I've been having sort of a hair crisis lately, like I don't know what to do with it... Like it's just there, lifeless, on my head. Well duh, hair is lifeless, but this sorry thing I call "hair" has no volume or oomph! I'm also thinking about ditching the whole straight bangs thing and just letting that sucker grow and be whatever it wants to be. And yeah! 

Who else is mad pumped for Christmas? Holy shit, I know I am! The inside of my school is just decked out with Christmas lights and Christmas-y things and they've been playing Christmas jams everyday... And it has gotten me so excited for the holidays you don't even know! 

December 4, 2012

Feeling extra synthy

My mum's dress |  DIY studded leather jacket | DIY collar | UNIF Hellraisers

My mom and I were cleaning out our closets to donate to charity and in the process I found this beautiful floral maxi dress! It was my mom's when she was still Vietnam and I love it, the dark florals, its length, everything about it! I thought it would look really edgy with a leather jacket and some bad ass shoes. I cinched the waist so it wouldn't look like I was drowning in the dress because that's the case with some maxi dresses, is that they don't emphasize your waist so you look encumbered with all this material *_*

I just found out about this band, Electric Guest, last weekend and I have been listening to their album "Mondo" nonstop! They're like if Foster the People and MGMT had a love child. All of their songs have such funky beats with cool vocals and synths. I am a sucker for some synth!!! I also always find myself getting out of my seat and dancing when I play their album  (^0^)┗(^0^)┓ (^0^)┛ I am so upset I didn't find out about them sooner! But it's never too late, right? 

December 3, 2012

Stop shedding already

H&M sweater | H&M faux leather pants | F21 socks | JC Tardy Lo

I just wanted to say that this is my favorite sweater of all eternity and the fact that it's angora makes it that much better. I'm so obsessed with angora and the fact that it's almost the winter season feeds to my obsession! And no, not because LDR wore this in her "Blue Velvet" music video for H&M, but because it's so cozy and soft! Plus it reminds me of just chilling next to the fireside! Seeing it on LDR just made me want it more~ The downside of angora is that it constantly sheds... Therefore I looked up ways online to keep it from shedding and one person suggested that I put the sweater in a ziploc tight bag and chuck it in the freezer for a couple hours. As I was walking towards the freezer with the ziploc bag containing the sweater in my hand, I noticed my mom giving me the "judging you" look, but I was like "eh" because I get those often LOL So then I did what that lady told people on the interwebs to do and that sucker still sheds! Never listening to you again lady... 

November 30, 2012

Black Friday Haul

If you cannot already tell from the title, this will be a Black Friday haul + some pictures of what I did this weekend~ I was really pleased with this year's Black Friday, even though it was outrageously crowded. There were people everywhere, it felt like Disneyland... minus the dancing people in costumes. Anyway, I was really pleased with what I got this year! I felt like I grabbed more practical items rather than just random junk. I now think about how much use I would get out of an item before I just impulsively snatch one and buy it.
Starting from the top left going clockwise: Topshop cropped top, Topshop cropped turtleneck, UO maxi skirt, H&M organza circle skirt
The two basics from Topshop were a bit of a splurge, but I felt like I can really get some good wear out of them! Thus, getting my money's worth he he he~ One fabric I'm really loving is organza, it gives off a really fun and festive vibe, just in time for the holidays! And knowing me, of course I'm going to get black everything. I've always liked dressing monochromatic, so I was really pumped when I saw that dressing monochromatic was actually "in" this Fall! Now people won't look at me like I'm just a big blob of dark colors LOL

Starting from the top left going clockwise: F21 white button up, UO graphic tee, UO socks, H&M hair cuff, UO choker, F21 pleated skirt (I now have bacon socks to go with my egg socks ^_^)
It's no surprise that I bought socks, right? I actually bought two other pairs, but I forgot to include them. But I'm telling you, socks really do make an outfit! They bring the flair to your feet! And they're also a great conversation starter ^_~

UO Daria tee
You did not know how I excited I was when I saw this Daria tee!!! It's one of my most favorite shows and the last episode was so bittersweet... I couldn't think of a better way to end the show! I wish MTV brought something similar to "Daria" back on their channel, instead of all these ridiculous reality shows...

The ever coveted UNIF Hellraisers~ from Solestruck
And that's most of what I bought this Black Friday! Along with some other small bits and bobs.

My friend Hilary and I were famished so we went to Mitsuwa to dine! And I took some pictures there just for funsies.

It's so hard going to Mitsuwa without wanting to buy something because there are so many beauty products!!! I just want them all... u_u

Christmas stuff gets me so jazzed... Just look at my face... LOL 
I then had to go to a wedding the day after Friday and it was a pretty fun. There were little goody bags and a photo booth! And the food was impeccable~ The bride and groom danced to Psy's "Gangnam Style", it was so cute ^_^

My mum and I~

I can definitely say that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I got a lot of sleep, I got to see my sista, Hilz Lu, I bought some new attire, and ate and ate and ate! It's probably too late to say this but I hope every one of you guys had a great Thanksgiving break with your friends and family too 

November 27, 2012

My wallet weeps

Raf to Comme to Margiela to Marc then shrubbery~
Things I wish I owned if my wallet wasn't suffer(ing)-ry
I tried... I tried *gold star*

November 26, 2012

Eggs for days~

Denim button up | Frito Lay jumper | F21 skort | UO socks | TUK creepers

I could not express how excited I was when I came across these "fried egg" socks on the UO website! I have a forever love towards eating eggs~ It sounds weird but I can basically eat it anytime and anywhere, like everyday. *sigh* Eggs~ If you haven't noticed, I got a new phone!!! It's a Galaxy S3 and I love it! It's features are amazing and easy to use. Even my mom, who has trouble with using anything technologically advanced can work that sucker ^_~

I saw this while I was on the freeway LOL

November 1, 2012

Bring out your bongos!

F21 turtleneck | BDG jeans | H&M beret | eBay boots

If you haven't guessed what I was for Halloween yet, well....... I was a beatnik! I was kinda inspired by Lois, from A Single Man and Quinn Morgendorffer from Daria. And also because I had a black turtleneck and a beret, so why not be a beatnik? Easy money, my friends. No one in school knew what I was though... Everyone thought it was my normal attire u_u

October 29, 2012

Halloween Playlist

Here are some of the jams I'll be listening to this Halloween. Please take a listen, and I hope you enjoy~ May your Halloween be as creep-filled as ever! L(°o°)

October 21, 2012

3rd Rock from the Sun

One TV show I'm currently obsessed with is 3rd Rock from the Sun! I just finished the first season, rapidly trying to finish the second, and onward! It's a show in the 90's about 4 aliens from outer space who try to live among humans and study them by disguising themselves as humans as well. One of the main actors is a young, always adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If you know me, you would know that I have the BIGGEST crush on him. It's to a point that it's almost embarrassing actually... I've watched almost every movie he's ever been in. Mysterious Skin being my favorite movie, but I digress. Not only is 3rd Rock a gr8, gr8 show but I love almost everything the actresses wear! There's so much inspiration in just one season! I especially love what Sally Solomon (played by Kristen Johnston) wears~ Funny how fashion always ends up repeating itself every decade, right?

Fun fact: Ironically, Tommy (played by JGL) is actually the oldest "alien", but is the youngest in human form.

P.S. If you haven't watched Mysterious Skin yet, please, please, please watch it! It's a very compelling film with a plethora of raw, (almost) realistic scenes. The actors are all so convincing that I cried buckets. Especially JGL's role, he acted his character, Neil with such realism that it blew me away. Although I do not recommend it for people who can't handle strong, exploitative content.