December 3, 2012

Stop shedding already

H&M sweater | H&M faux leather pants | F21 socks | JC Tardy Lo

I just wanted to say that this is my favorite sweater of all eternity and the fact that it's angora makes it that much better. I'm so obsessed with angora and the fact that it's almost the winter season feeds to my obsession! And no, not because LDR wore this in her "Blue Velvet" music video for H&M, but because it's so cozy and soft! Plus it reminds me of just chilling next to the fireside! Seeing it on LDR just made me want it more~ The downside of angora is that it constantly sheds... Therefore I looked up ways online to keep it from shedding and one person suggested that I put the sweater in a ziploc tight bag and chuck it in the freezer for a couple hours. As I was walking towards the freezer with the ziploc bag containing the sweater in my hand, I noticed my mom giving me the "judging you" look, but I was like "eh" because I get those often LOL So then I did what that lady told people on the interwebs to do and that sucker still sheds! Never listening to you again lady... 


  1. LOL. I love the sweater!! So fuzzy. (: OMG YOU'RE POSTING MORE :D :D :D :D lol i should too. xD
    I have the same socks ohoho. :3 Always lookin' cute sisi!


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