December 10, 2012

A tad of plaid

F21 cropped top | F21 skirt | eBay shoes | F21 chain | Asos rings 

The thing with that cropped top was that it was actually a dress that had a gigantic hole on the side of it. So I was like, what the heck, the bottom half of this dress is damaged so I might as well just keep the top half! As weird as this sounds, I love cutting my clothes LOL My mom said I've been cutting up my wardrobe since I was little tot and it transgressed to this present day, my older teen years. 

I am on a gold-toned jewelry grind at the moment! I've never been much of an accessorizing kinda gal but slowly... my "like" for gold-toned jewelry will develop... and soon I will be obsessed... (^_^)y 


  1. I love DIYing and salvaging old clothes!! I love the nails!!! (: another great look, sisi!


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