April 20, 2012

Slothy Spring Break 2012

Hello~ I swear I'm not dead! I was just a huge sloth during my Spring Break! My break was okay... The only highlight of it was that I got to hang out my friends again, happy days~ Oh, and I will not be blogging as much anymore because next month I'm pounded with many projects, AP testing, and my AP Psychology finals. Talk about stress~s!

April 2, 2012

Mi go reng it up

Yes! As you can tell from the title and pictures, I made mi goreng today! And it was so good... I mean, I always make mi goreng, but today... TODAY it tasted ten times better!!! Probably because the weather was nice and breezy (easy breezy... cover girl). I also decided to eat outside for once, (under an umbrella, of course) instead of encumbering myself in the darkness of my room.

All F21

I was totally in love with this dress when I laid my eyes on it online~ I wore it to my school's Winter Formal and I love wearing it casually too. Nothing says "look I'm casual" than throwing on your favorite knit sweater, right?