November 26, 2012

Eggs for days~

Denim button up | Frito Lay jumper | F21 skort | UO socks | TUK creepers

I could not express how excited I was when I came across these "fried egg" socks on the UO website! I have a forever love towards eating eggs~ It sounds weird but I can basically eat it anytime and anywhere, like everyday. *sigh* Eggs~ If you haven't noticed, I got a new phone!!! It's a Galaxy S3 and I love it! It's features are amazing and easy to use. Even my mom, who has trouble with using anything technologically advanced can work that sucker ^_~

I saw this while I was on the freeway LOL


  1. Sisi, you are so adorable! I miss you so much, I hope we can hang out soon! I assume that your contacts are lost or was shipped incorrectly, so my mom will pay you back! But wow, you are so stylish! I love how you dress, it so unique! I'm glad to see that you're doing pretty good! SO GUCCI, I must say. Aha. I will definitely follow you on here for some style tips! :-)

  2. Hahaha you so would have egg socks. LOL you're updating more!!!...when i'm not updating. xD hahah geeze. I need to update my blog more. ): no time. grr.


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