May 16, 2012

Itty Bitty Mini Spring Haul

So basically... I got a job at my mom's shop, it was Mother's Day, I wanted to TREAT MA SELF, I had money to spend, and a F21 coupon code. Yeah. Anyways, I hate how I always buy the same damn thing every-freakin'-time! I either buy black, white, gray, or coral colored items. "Hey, I think I'm going to buy another lipstick!" What color do I buy? CORAL. "Hm, a new blush would be nice." What color? CORAL. "I kinda want to buy new clothes." WHAT COLOR? Ding, ding, ding, you guessed it! I need to venture out of the whole black and coral color spectrum. Wear a little bit of blue or green. Speaking of the color green, I just realized... I don't have any green clothes!!! Well, maybe one. But ONLY one! Oh, and if you were wondering that name of that lipstick, it's called "Coralberry". Let me just tell you, this color is such a gr8 dupe for MAC's "Vegas Volt"! I was so gutted when I lost my "Vegas Volt" lipstick and I'm just too lazy to drive to the mall and buy another one. So when I saw "Coralberry", I thought, "This looks interesting! *insert thinking face here*"

TL;DR: I like spending money. I always buy similar things to what I already have. I am obsessed with coral. I bought a new lipstick.

F21 lace shirt | floral shorts | DIY flower headband

Here is an outfit I wore last week and never posted because I'm such a lazy sloth... Can you believe that I've had those shorts since the 6th grade and I still fit them?!?! Crazy... right?

May 9, 2012

Saraurb: Raddest Girl Ever Known

Seriously. She is the coolest girl on Tumblr (or maybe even Earth) ever! I stumbled across her blog a couple months ago and have never looked back since. She's such a style inspiration with her rad clothes (I would die for her platform shoes), effortless style, and awesome hair. She's the whole shebang, really! Please follow her on Tumblr @ saraurb~

(credit: Saraurb's Tumblr)