October 21, 2012

3rd Rock from the Sun

One TV show I'm currently obsessed with is 3rd Rock from the Sun! I just finished the first season, rapidly trying to finish the second, and onward! It's a show in the 90's about 4 aliens from outer space who try to live among humans and study them by disguising themselves as humans as well. One of the main actors is a young, always adorable Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If you know me, you would know that I have the BIGGEST crush on him. It's to a point that it's almost embarrassing actually... I've watched almost every movie he's ever been in. Mysterious Skin being my favorite movie, but I digress. Not only is 3rd Rock a gr8, gr8 show but I love almost everything the actresses wear! There's so much inspiration in just one season! I especially love what Sally Solomon (played by Kristen Johnston) wears~ Funny how fashion always ends up repeating itself every decade, right?

Fun fact: Ironically, Tommy (played by JGL) is actually the oldest "alien", but is the youngest in human form.

P.S. If you haven't watched Mysterious Skin yet, please, please, please watch it! It's a very compelling film with a plethora of raw, (almost) realistic scenes. The actors are all so convincing that I cried buckets. Especially JGL's role, he acted his character, Neil with such realism that it blew me away. Although I do not recommend it for people who can't handle strong, exploitative content. 


  1. your blog is very good and interesting. maybe follow? im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


  2. One of my most favorites<3 Back when I was just a little girl crushing on Joseph Gordon Levitt- before it was the "cool" thing to do<3


  3. I've never heard of this show before!! I should go check it out. I love 90's shows (and JGL<3)!! Dude, now whenever I watch older shows from the late 80s and 90s, I notice what people are wearing... I LOVE IT. Bring back 90's fashion!

  4. oh my goodness yes this post. i've like, barely heard of this show but i like the outfits and now i'm intrigued.
    and jgl, i had no idea he was in a tv show urrggmmmgfff. so yeah i 'discovered' jgl when 500 days of summer was just about to come out. i went on a quest to see his older films. i had no idea he was in these freakin' like, intense films! I watched Mysterious Skin, Brick, and Manic in quick succession. You're right Mysterious Skin is super raw and i was NOT expecting it to get that 'real' with issues. omg. now i just enjoy watching him in general (although i really am not at all interested in Looper...). the last 'indie' movie i watched with him was called Hesher and it was okay haha he just plays a ridiculous character that i wasn't crazy about XD. OKAY too long of a comment. i enjoyed this post and i hope you like season two of 3rd rock from the sun. :)BYE!

    1. Yes!!!!! Loved Brick and Manic so much! Although I have not yet watched Hesher! Thank you for mentioning it, I will definitely give it a look-see ^_^ Ah, when Looper comes out on Netflix or those movie-watching sites, stream it!!! The commercials do not do the movie justice! It's kind of hard to follow though and you'll have your brain fried by the end *_* But overall it's a pretty good movie!

      Ahaha, I loved your long comment~ ( ^∇^)


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