February 26, 2013

Huntington Library

Hello everyone! On Sunday I went to the Huntington Library in Pasadena with my parents and let me tell you... That place is beautiful~ They had everything there: art, plants, history, architecture, statues, and good food. What more do you want in life?

Everyone was taking pictures of bees pollinating so I thought I should too.
The tropical rainforest observatory center.

I went to the Desert Plants area first, which had huge cacti. I never realized how tall they can get. Then I made my way to the Japanese Gardens. It felt like Edo Japan, or how I imagine it to be like. Looking at all the different bonsai made me want one myself, but I heard they're very hard to manage. After the Japanese Gardens, I went to look at art, which always gets me excited~ There were a lot of Greek-inspired architecture around the premises and the European art was mostly from the Greek, Roman, French, and Italian age. There was also American modern art and historical art. I recognized one illuminated manuscript I learned in class which was The Book of Hours, so it was pretty awesome seeing something I've learned in person. It was also cool seeing the original "A Single Man" manuscript. I've seen the movie, but have never read the book. It's a brilliant and beautiful movie, really. The rainforest observatory had to be one of the greatest things there. It was so humid and moist, I felt like I was in a real rainforest! 

UO necklace | brown leather jacket | UO graphic tee | F21 skinnies | JC Desmond

We went to Old Town Pasadena for dinner and I stopped by the AA store and MAC and picked up a little something.

The Huntington Library is great for all you art and shrubbery lovers! I had a great time in LA and hope to stop by there again. As always, thank you for reading~

January 22, 2013


Hello, hello! Sorry for disappearing (again), I had such a busy couple of months and was also getting sick in between, but I'm back! Last Saturday, I went to IMATS LA, whoo~ And it was actually my first time there, so it was pretty overwhelming because you're basically in a convention center room with thousands of other people, breathing the same air as everyone, brushing against strangers, there's stuff everywhere, and so many things going on all at once. My eyes were literally darting everywhere!

LA Union Station
Roshar's presentation
He was body rolling when I snapped a photo LOL
Bunny (grav3yardgirl)
Jen (frmheadtotoe)
IMATS was a really great experience; although I spent more than I would have thought ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Right when I walked into the IMATS showroom there were half-naked men with washboard abs throwing free make-up brushes into the crowd! I managed to successfully nab myself some (〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜  I talked to many amazing people and learned some new make up tips and tricks. I was also so ecstatic that I finally got to meet two of my favorite YouTube bloggers in real life!!! Bunny and Jen were both as cool and nice as they are in their videos~ Discounted make-up, of course was also a huge perk, he he he (・㉨・)ノ There was this stage area where professional make-up artists do looks on the models. My personal favorite was Roshar! I loved seeing him create a chic extraterrestrial look on one of the models. He had a really bubbly and fun personality which made his presentation even more enjoyable. I wish I remembered to bring my dslr so you can really see how beautiful his look was, but I was in such a rush in the morning to get to the train station (≧0≦) After IMATS, I went to this ice cream parlor called Scoops, which specializes in "unconventional ice cream flavors". I had the jasmine tea + honey flavored ice cream. Jasmine tea and honey is a great combination, and tastes even better as ice cream~

Starting from the top left going clockwise: Too Faced Shadow Insurance | MUFE Aqua Eyes in 24L | MUFE Mat Velvet in Porcelain | Stila liquid liner in dark brown and black | Smashbox Photo Finish Targeted pore and line primer | Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Light | Sigma E20 & E55 | free Stila and Sigma brushes | Inglot blushes in 66, 68, 67, 70 | Red Cherry lashes 68, 104, 46
Final thoughts on IMATS: Everyone should definitely go~ Make-up lovers would have such a blast and even if you're not that interested in make-up, I guarantee you would be walking outta there with a couple of things~

December 10, 2012

A tad of plaid

F21 cropped top | F21 skirt | eBay shoes | F21 chain | Asos rings 

The thing with that cropped top was that it was actually a dress that had a gigantic hole on the side of it. So I was like, what the heck, the bottom half of this dress is damaged so I might as well just keep the top half! As weird as this sounds, I love cutting my clothes LOL My mom said I've been cutting up my wardrobe since I was little tot and it transgressed to this present day, my older teen years. 

I am on a gold-toned jewelry grind at the moment! I've never been much of an accessorizing kinda gal but slowly... my "like" for gold-toned jewelry will develop... and soon I will be obsessed... (^_^)y 

December 6, 2012

Black on black on black

 F21 necklace | Asos rings (not shown) | H&M sweater | F21 skirt | Express tights | JC Tardy Lo

I've been having sort of a hair crisis lately, like I don't know what to do with it... Like it's just there, lifeless, on my head. Well duh, hair is lifeless, but this sorry thing I call "hair" has no volume or oomph! I'm also thinking about ditching the whole straight bangs thing and just letting that sucker grow and be whatever it wants to be. And yeah! 

Who else is mad pumped for Christmas? Holy shit, I know I am! The inside of my school is just decked out with Christmas lights and Christmas-y things and they've been playing Christmas jams everyday... And it has gotten me so excited for the holidays you don't even know! 

December 4, 2012

Feeling extra synthy

My mum's dress |  DIY studded leather jacket | DIY collar | UNIF Hellraisers

My mom and I were cleaning out our closets to donate to charity and in the process I found this beautiful floral maxi dress! It was my mom's when she was still Vietnam and I love it, the dark florals, its length, everything about it! I thought it would look really edgy with a leather jacket and some bad ass shoes. I cinched the waist so it wouldn't look like I was drowning in the dress because that's the case with some maxi dresses, is that they don't emphasize your waist so you look encumbered with all this material *_*

I just found out about this band, Electric Guest, last weekend and I have been listening to their album "Mondo" nonstop! They're like if Foster the People and MGMT had a love child. All of their songs have such funky beats with cool vocals and synths. I am a sucker for some synth!!! I also always find myself getting out of my seat and dancing when I play their album  (^0^)┗(^0^)┓ (^0^)┛ I am so upset I didn't find out about them sooner! But it's never too late, right?