November 30, 2012

Black Friday Haul

If you cannot already tell from the title, this will be a Black Friday haul + some pictures of what I did this weekend~ I was really pleased with this year's Black Friday, even though it was outrageously crowded. There were people everywhere, it felt like Disneyland... minus the dancing people in costumes. Anyway, I was really pleased with what I got this year! I felt like I grabbed more practical items rather than just random junk. I now think about how much use I would get out of an item before I just impulsively snatch one and buy it.
Starting from the top left going clockwise: Topshop cropped top, Topshop cropped turtleneck, UO maxi skirt, H&M organza circle skirt
The two basics from Topshop were a bit of a splurge, but I felt like I can really get some good wear out of them! Thus, getting my money's worth he he he~ One fabric I'm really loving is organza, it gives off a really fun and festive vibe, just in time for the holidays! And knowing me, of course I'm going to get black everything. I've always liked dressing monochromatic, so I was really pumped when I saw that dressing monochromatic was actually "in" this Fall! Now people won't look at me like I'm just a big blob of dark colors LOL

Starting from the top left going clockwise: F21 white button up, UO graphic tee, UO socks, H&M hair cuff, UO choker, F21 pleated skirt (I now have bacon socks to go with my egg socks ^_^)
It's no surprise that I bought socks, right? I actually bought two other pairs, but I forgot to include them. But I'm telling you, socks really do make an outfit! They bring the flair to your feet! And they're also a great conversation starter ^_~

UO Daria tee
You did not know how I excited I was when I saw this Daria tee!!! It's one of my most favorite shows and the last episode was so bittersweet... I couldn't think of a better way to end the show! I wish MTV brought something similar to "Daria" back on their channel, instead of all these ridiculous reality shows...

The ever coveted UNIF Hellraisers~ from Solestruck
And that's most of what I bought this Black Friday! Along with some other small bits and bobs.

My friend Hilary and I were famished so we went to Mitsuwa to dine! And I took some pictures there just for funsies.

It's so hard going to Mitsuwa without wanting to buy something because there are so many beauty products!!! I just want them all... u_u

Christmas stuff gets me so jazzed... Just look at my face... LOL 
I then had to go to a wedding the day after Friday and it was a pretty fun. There were little goody bags and a photo booth! And the food was impeccable~ The bride and groom danced to Psy's "Gangnam Style", it was so cute ^_^

My mum and I~

I can definitely say that I had a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I got a lot of sleep, I got to see my sista, Hilz Lu, I bought some new attire, and ate and ate and ate! It's probably too late to say this but I hope every one of you guys had a great Thanksgiving break with your friends and family too 


  1. Daria<3 & love your bangs~ I've always wanted them but, I'm not brave enough >,< Looks pretty on you though ^.~
    & your mom? She looks so youthful~ Could have fooled me ^.^


  2. OMG SO MUCH AWESOME STUFF. (: looks like a great haul sisi! ^___^ dem socks doe. ^__~ haha


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