October 10, 2012

It's coolin' down

F21 burgundy sweater | floral skirt | DIY lace collar | Topshop velvet red platforms

I'm so glad it's finally getting a little chilly! I've been waiting to bust out my fall/winter jackets and beanies since... 4 EVER! It finally feels like Autumn too, my favorite season of the year~ Where it doesn't get ice cold or sweltering hot, it's just in between, just how I like it. 

I got those Topshop platforms in the Summer and let me just say... THEY'RE SO COMFORTABLE!!! Also, they give you that extra height, which is always a plus (b ̄▽ ̄)b I walked around Disneyland 12+ hours in them and didn't get blisters or anything. But the velvet material makes them very flimsy and the laces often untie themselves, so I usually double knot them. Nevertheless, they're very true to size and it's a gr8 shoe! I love them to death (エ)) 

Thank you so much for sticking around, bye bye~ 


  1. I love all your looks~ & your hair is always so pretty~ you def. remind me of a doll<3


  2. I loooooooooove this. (: Isn't it great that the weather is cooling down?! Beanie time~ I love the velvet platforms, Sisi! Always cute!

  3. Your outfit is supercute and I really love your burgundy sweater!


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