October 12, 2012

I just ride

ebay camo jacket | denim shirt | UO BDG jeans | eBay shoes | H&M beret

Hi, hello, what's happenin'? Today was an awesome day for me. I love Fridays! And I'm gonna tell you the reasons why:
  1. I get out of school at 12.
  2. It's the last weekday, then it's freaken' weekend. 
  3. My 2 classes that I have that day are always super chill.
  4. I always treat myself out to some delicious lunch.
  5. Going home with a full stomach to take a nice, loooooong nap.
And those 5 reasons, my friends, are why I love Fridays so damn much (but like, who doesn't love Fridays anyway).

A picture of my lunch~

I am so obsessed with Lana Del Rey's "Ride" music video right now! It has to be my second favorite video of her's, right behind "National Anthem". Her videos are always such masterpieces, so wonderfully thought out, artistic, and beautiful. She has definitely come a long way since "Diet Mtn Dew". Keep on doing what you do best, Lana  And if you haven't seen it yet, please give it a watch~ 


  1. Love the outfit<3 & yes, the new mv is just fantastic~ she's always so fresh<3


  2. That's an awesome camo jacket~ :D Lovin' the new banner, Sisi! haha. I'm so jealous of your Fridays.... so much better than mine!

  3. hahah that does sound like a such a good day. good food and a lot of sleep :) thanks for sharing, girl!!


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