April 2, 2012

Mi go reng it up

Yes! As you can tell from the title and pictures, I made mi goreng today! And it was so good... I mean, I always make mi goreng, but today... TODAY it tasted ten times better!!! Probably because the weather was nice and breezy (easy breezy... cover girl). I also decided to eat outside for once, (under an umbrella, of course) instead of encumbering myself in the darkness of my room.

All F21

I was totally in love with this dress when I laid my eyes on it online~ I wore it to my school's Winter Formal and I love wearing it casually too. Nothing says "look I'm casual" than throwing on your favorite knit sweater, right? 


  1. You and your eggs sisi le~~~~~ LOL LOOKS GOOOD!! T___T I WANT SOME MI GORENG. Ahhh that winter formal dress~~ MEMORIES<3

  2. Mmmmm, looks delicious! I can't wait to have time to make myself lunch after class. I've been microwaving leftovers and then running to work right afterwards for the past week or so. :c

    I also love throwing knits over chiffon/lace/a-tad-bit-fancy dresses. It's a good way to mellow out "overdressed" and still look and feel fabulous!

    1. I think I'm the only person who loves eating leftovers... I don't know, I think they taste so much better the 2nd and 3rd day!

      Yes, I totally agree~

  3. ahah i eat the same brand of Chinese soup, it's very good *-*

    Your outfit is very beautiful **

  4. I love mi goreng! *Yum*
    Also yummy is your outfit. I love the mix of delicate pleats and fat knit. You are so pretty! xx

    te amo,

  5. MmmMm~ mi go rang is my guilty pleasure at midnight~ (shhh~) & loving your outfit, you look so lovely & sweet<3

    Totally loving your blog- I'm a new follower now ^.^


  6. MMM... Too much yummy food here <3
    And you look adorable!!

  7. Pretty sweater! =)



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