March 14, 2012

Three course meal

Appetizer at I ♥ Bagels
Entrée at Chipotle
Guess what..... There was no water in there... but soda, oh ho ho ho.
Dessert at Yogurtland
Jacqui was being shy when I tried taking her picture!
Now onto the OOTD~
Fat cheeeeekkkkkks!
 All F21

Today school ended at 12 so Jacqui and I decided to eat a 3 course meal at food places in the Ocean Ranch area near school. By the time I got to Yogurtland I was already full... But no! I had to end my 3 course meal right, with dessert! And I don't even feel guilty about it, hu huh uh hu~ 

I'll end this by saying that I took 20 packs of Tapatio from the bagel place...... and with no regrets.


  1. Looks like you're having a great time! (: FOOD *O* da yogz~ NO WORRIES SISI LE, WE WILL BE SENDING YOU TONS OF HOT SAUCE PACKETS! hahah Nothing will be bland again!! ohohohohoh
    As always, very cute outfit! I love your bright yellow skirt! *yellow bellied trout* heheoho. Your hair hair looks super cute like that!!

    1. They have red velvet flavor at this Yogoland! And it's pretty good~ But they don't have grass jelly and green tea :(
      Yes! Please!!! I am deprived of hot sauce! Yellow bellied trouts 4 lyfe homie (V^u^)V Thank you so much Theresa ♥

  2. damn ur so cute!!! I love your outfit~ that yellow skirt is yummy!!

    1. Waaah, thank you so much \(ó㉨ò)ノ♡


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